The belfry in Strzeżewo

The belfry in Strzeżewo was built in 1939 and was used for alarming the local residents in case of a fire. Presently, it is the only monument of this type preserved in West Pomerania and a precious element of Pomeranian historical countryside infrastructure.

The object is located in the area of a village which has been recorded in the Registry of Cultural Property, No.: nr 105 / 1958 r.

Keywords: belfry, framing construction, wood


Strzeżewo (the direct vicinity of the plot No. 21 and the plot No. 22), commune and district: gmina Kamień Pomorski, powiat kamieński

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The belfry is located in the central part of Strzeżewo (plot No. 62/19), in a village square, in a close vicinity of a water basin.



The belfry is characterised by simplicity and functionality of the form. Its framing construction is composed of four posts tenoned into the corners of a ground-beam construction placed on a low, concrete base. The posts are connected bywith diagonally intersecting braces, running from the ground beams up to the straining beams in the upper part of the construction. The woodworking joints are reinforced with iron flats. The construction is crowned with a low, tented roof of slightly curved slopes, with an open rafter framing. It is covered with ceramic tiles (double lapped); rounded ones are placed at the ridges. The belfry is devoid of the bell and not used.



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