The belfry in Tychówko

The churchyard belfry in Tychówko is a unique example of a half-timbered tower of simple form and small cubic capacity. No longer used, the 18th-century belfry is a surviving relic element of the historical architecture of the church parcel of land in Tychówko.

The object has been recorded in the Registry of Cultural Property

Keywords: belfry, half-timbered construction, wood, brick


Tychówko, No. 17, commune and district: gmina Połczyn-Zdrój, powiat świdwiński

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The belfry is located in the centre of the village, within a former churchyard, in the south-western part of the plot. The half-timbered church has collapsed. In the graveyard, there are some old-growth trees and a monument (from the 1920s) dedicated to the residents of the village killed during World War I.



The free-standing belfry, of a squarish base, a cuboidal body and half-timbered walls, is covered with a gabled roof. Its total height amounts to 5.6 m. The framing construction is made of rhythmically arranged posts (three per wall), set on a stone foundation and connected with two levels of beams in the mid-lower part and with one at the top. The walls have brick, plastered infill. Diagonal braces in the lower sections run downwards against each other. The upper sections have angle braces set into the top beams. All woodworking joints are pinned. The triangular gables are not built up in order to provide the facility with acoustic openings.

The one-room interior, accessed by a single-leaf board door, contains brace-supported beams used for hanging bells. The building, devoid of the bells, is not used presently.



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